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A Guide to Car Hires in Waikiki

WaikikiFor tourists in Hawaii, rental cars are a must-have for a fun and comfortable trip. Travel search engine Hayak notes that the searches and prices for car rentals have increased during the holiday season, especially in top tourist destinations like Hawaii. Due to the state’s high demand for car rentals, some travel advisors even book a rental car for tourists before securing flights or hotel rooms for guests.

So if you’re going to crowded destinations like Waikiki, you’ll need to know the following information about car hires:

Why You Should Rent a Car in Hawaii

WaikikiHiring a car can be beneficial for tourists going to popular destinations. It’s not just in Hawaii; many people hire vehicles in San Francisco because it allows them to explore more places within the city. These car rentals can make it easier to go against the tourist crowds or even visit popular destinations at night.

On top of that, renting a car can also help you save lots of money and time in crowded areas like Waikiki. This guide to Waikiki explains that taxis are very expensive in the area, while public transportation can consume your time because you’ll have to wait for the next stop before you can journey on and explore an attraction on its route. Meanwhile, car rentals allow you to make stops whenever you want and even go beyond how public transportation systems usually navigate.

Top Destinations and Nearby Parking Lots in Waikiki


It can be tricky for tourists to find parking locations for car rentals. It’s even more challenging to find inexpensive parking areas, especially near the destinations that most tourists want to explore. To help you avoid any logistic issues during your trip, here’s a list of top destinations in Waikiki and some parking lots that you’ll find near them:

Honolulu Zoo

This zoo is a must-visit destination for tourists traveling with kids. The Honolulu Zoo will introduce your little ones to indigenous species found in Hawaii and other exotic animals from different parts of the world.

Visiting the zoo can be easy for tourists because plenty of parking lots are nearby. This list of places with free or cheap parking in Waikiki indicates that you can park your rental car at the Waikiki Shell on Montserrat Avenue for free unlimited parking. The Zoo charges visitors about $1.5 per hour with a 4-hour maximum stay, so it’s best to park in the Waikiki Shell if you want to explore the area for longer.

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is famous among surfers for its shallow waters and long, gentle waves. This area is great for beginners, so don’t skip a lesson while you’re in the area.

Since these lessons can last long, you can park your car alongside the park on Ala Moana Drive. This parking area does not allow overnight parking, but you can park your car there for free all day. However, ensure you’ll follow the rules posted on the signs because you can be ticketed due to any violations.

Diamond Head

This destination is a dormant volcano found on the east end of Waikiki. You can see it up close by parking your car in the parking lot inside the Diamond Head Crater, which costs about $10.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can park in one of the public parking spots around the crater for free. These parking lots are found along Diamond Head Road, so you can easily access the volcano’s historic hiking trail from this route and hike your way up to the summit to see an overlooking view of Waikiki.

You can make the most of your Waikiki trip by hiring a car. You can explore more destinations and save time during your vehicle journey.

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