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Car-value professional Gillian Keogh groups up with Motoring Editor Eddie Cunningham that will help you make the proper preference along with your subsequent buy. Gillian is Editor of a month-to-month guidebook on the values of used automobiles produced by way of the Motor Trade Publishers crew. The group supplies a car-valuing carrier to the motor exchange, insurance groups and finance homes

My sister-in-regulation is returning from abroad. Budget is €10-12k max and not using an alternate-in. Likely day by day commute of 15km with particularly neighborhood weekend use (max 40km run) and 4-six cross you. S . A. Trips a yr. Something bigger than Fiesta size, eg, Auris, Focus. Hybrid, small petrol?

Gillian: All good pointers. I could probably begin with the Focus as €12k will choose up a 151 plate, and this may nonetheless sense pretty fresh, goodbye as it has been adequately minded of the path. I’d be searching for a Titanium spec and the petrol version which has a 1. Zero turbos so there may be a pleasing bit of poke too. Not confident if she likes white, it’s a superb shade for a Focus, I assume.

The Auris might be a good buy too, and there are petrol and hybrid alternatives. You would be lucky to discover a 151 in finances with a pleasant spec. A 141/142 might be toward the mark for the 1.33 petrol or a 131/132 hybrid. She might not want to buy into the problem so I’d stick with reliable however a laugh. So how approximately a Nissan Juke 1.2 or Mazda3 1.5 (even though this is probably a bit thirstier than the others)?

Eddie: I’d surely upload a Honda Civic petrol hatch. Unfortunately, you’ll probably dip returned a bit at the years however they tend to provide little trouble and preserve their price correctly.

I am replacing my 131-reg VW Passat 1.6 diesel. Looking for a car, this is comfy, with desirable fuel efficiency; I do 100km an afternoon; need excellent safety spec (parking sensors), and if it has Android Auto, it’s a bonus.

I am no longer positive if I should flow to petrol and a lower cc engine. I could be looking for equal fuel performance as I have with the Passat. Have to expect my budget will now not stretch to a new automobile so seeking out used from 161 or more modern. Budget €22/€24k; annual mileage 26,000km; want five seats.

Gillian: I will come up with alternatives for both eventualities: if the budget noted includes a change-in and if it’s miles plus your change-in. For the former, how approximately a newer Passat? Same engine size and it had a change of version (due to the fact 151), so extra present day and have a quite superb Highline spec you may choose up as a 171-reg.

Or how approximately a Skoda Superb for similar reasons? Kia’s Optima is a great choice too. Most sold in the Platinum spec which means a whole lot of sweets and a 2017 plate is achievable. If you had round €30k to spend, have you ever concept about venturing into the SUV marketplace? Sticking with the VW Group, SEAT has the Ateca 1.6 DSL, and Skoda has the Karoo. Both are priced round €30k new and are worth a look.

If the Ateca does take your fancy, it’s miles out given that mid-2016, so even for the decrease price range, you ought to squeeze right into a 171.

Eddie: I’d additionally severely consider a Peugeot 3008 SUV if you have round €30,000 of finances.

It’s got brilliant indoors and a desire for diesel or petrol. It would be my pick.

I presently own a 141 VW Golf TDI. It has 112,000km. Timing belt desires to be achieved soon. It’s in exquisite condition with full-service history. I have it for three years now. I am searching at changing it. Any recommendation on the fee of a vehicle and high-quality time to sell?

Not sure whether or not to maintain or alternate in. I am searching at trading in for an SUV kind and currently looking at Toyota RAV4. Any advice on these approximately gasoline financial system and sell-on cost?

Gillian: A hard cost for your personal is €9k-€11k. This is a change-in/non-public sale value and now not what you will assume to shop for one for. The provider or new owner could have a few money to spend on it, regardless of how top notch its circumstance.

The ordinary many human beings maintain onto a new automobile now’s three years so I’d say change.

I cannot fault the RAV4. I have no issues to document, and they’re making great cash now, at the side of most SUVs so that I would be glad about that trade — other models to take a look at encompassing the Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, and Ford Kuga.

You might need to pressure each to see which you like great as they’re all accurate movements out of your Golf into the SUV market.

Eddie: I like the Sportage and think it’d fit your needs for a few causes. Not as keen on the older RAV4 at all, nor the Kuga although it’s miles a good deal higher because being revised more than one years returned. Sorry, Gillian. Hyundai Tucson was well worth a look too.

I pressure an 07 Audi A4 1.8T petrol, 155,000 km; annual tax €636, NCT €55, earlier than any work – and pretty thirsty if driven at all. I do approximately 15/17,000km, mixed metropolis and toll road driving.

We have kids aged 10, seven and five years. They do not like going everywhere within the A4 as they find it cramped already and they’re best going to get bigger. My wife drives a 08 Ford S-Max, which they prefer, and we use in preference to mine. I have finances of around €eleven,000 plus my personal, by private sale or trade-in.

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