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Autohome Inc Presents Disruptive Innovations at the 818 Online Global Auto Show

BEIJING, Aug. 14, 2019,/PRNewswire/ — Behind every innovation tale in the tech global is technological coaching for 3 or five years or more, 818 Online Global Auto Show, via Autohome Inc, will carry an exquisite revel into visitors.

“We are targeting Tmall Double eleven and JD.Com 618, with as a minimum a hundred million exhibitors.” Zhang Jingyu is very confident of the 818 Online Global Auto Show. “Though within the call of an auto show, it’s miles beyond a vehicle show. The disruptive innovation at the back of it’s far tremendous to the Chinese auto marketplace.”

A Seed of Innovation

Three years ago, Lu Min, finance executive of Ping An Group, took over Autohome as chairman and CEO, sowing a seed of innovation at the 818 Online Global Auto Show. Autohome became acutely aware that personal preferences have been converting imperceptibly and that the pursuit of all-around sensory experience would be the new direction. According to Lu Min’s concept of making a brand new commercial enterprise ecology with new technology, Autohome determined to wager on VR and AR technology, which have hardly ever been used within the enterprise.


After figuring out the technical direction, creating the enterprise version became a difficult nut to crack. Zhang Jingyu recalled that he led the team to carry out many experiments; however, sooner or later, all failed to recognize commercialization. Finally, after several failed attempts, Autohome observed that the technical blessings of VR and AR became in developing scenes, which could allow users to immerse themselves and create a sequence of unique stories. Undoubtedly, scene advertising became a business tipping factor.

“The essence of Internet commercialization is site visitors and time cognizance.” Zhang Jingyu informed newshounds that their experiments discovered that it takes 5-8 minutes for people to immerse into a scene in general. So long as they make full use of this era of time, the enterprise version will evidently set up.

Driven by way of this concept, Autohome, in the end, located a practical and commercially feasible course, that is the Intelligent Online Auto Show. However, Autohome has also confronted formidable, demanding situations in the generation of the new release. Since 2016, behind every online automobile show, the organization has to deal with the excessive-depth workload, strict patron requirements, and limitless technical problems. However, those seemingly hardships have sped up the increase of Autohome’s online automobile display venture. Last November, the 818 Online Global Auto Show was formally released.

Undeniable business good judgment

Every yr, there are endless automobile shows around the united states. Still, in Zhang Jingyu’s view, no automobile show can shape the 818 Online Global Auto Show in terms of scale, enter gameplay, and resource integration functionality. The confidence of Autohome comes from the commercial enterprise good judgment that automobile agencies can not withstand.

Since the beginning of these 12 months, the automobile market has been hovering at a low stage and encountered the countrywide V to VI car emission requirements switch, so the already weak customer demand is overdrawn. In the second half of the year, almost every vehicle business enterprise is going through the dilemma of brand advertising and marketing or impact advertising. But regardless of which, the end result might be the concern. For automobile organizations who don’t know how to break the marketing dilemma, the 818 Online Global Auto Show is just in time. Its business cost has observed the innovative combination of logo exposure, product interpretation, and virtual marketing for vehicle corporations and created an extraordinary marketing hot spot for the sellers within the low season income. “It now not simplest meets the needs of the B-end in product-effect integration, but additionally creates site visitors for the bend and affords the C-stop with a new enjoy past previous automobile indicates,” Zhang Jingyu concluded.

According to Autohome, the 818 Online Global Auto Show might be the largest online car show in the world, create the “Double eleven Shopping Festival” for the automobile industry, open up a new model of integration of car and the net, and end up an unheard-of advertising and marketing occasion in the auto industry. During the two-month promotion from warm-up, momentum constructing to launch, touchdown, and final. Autohome will maintain activities along with fan gala’s, KOL meetings, model races, and Auto-Owners’ Day to arouse the general public opinion and hold to promote the 818 Online Global Auto Show. On August 8, the world’s largest online vehicle show could be officially released; On August 18, we will join with Hunan Satellite TV to create the arena’s first “Car Evening,” bringing top stars, vehicle ideas, go-screen interplay, and presents really worth of 10 million, to push the grand ceremony to the climax. On August 19, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers will mutually organize the “Global Conference on Innovation inside the Automotive Industry” with Autohome to keep to make Autohome’s presence recognized inside the enterprise. The one hundred Cities Offline Auto Show, which interacts intently with the web market, will enjoy the massive quantity of visitors collected from various events.

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