BFGoodrich Unveils Two New Truck Tires at MATS

BFGoodrich unveiled two new trucking tires at the forty-eighth Mid-America Trucking Show, one for the steering axle and one for the trailer axle, designed to enhance long haul, tanker, refrigerated, and dry van models.

Karl Remec, BFGoodrich advertising director, advised a March 28 information convention that the tires represent high-tech changes, including a variable groove, an excellent way to expel stones and sidewall compounds to providing gasoline performance without sacrificing put on. Remec stated the variable groove become essential to guard the tire’s casing, which he said turned into a favorite with fleets. In addition, the organization has a five-12 month, two-retread manufacturer’s guarantee at the tires and could improve retreadability, Remec stated.

Truck Tires

The tires have a shoulder rib with microscopes, or small slits, to improve resistance to abnormal wear, Remec stated. And the tires have serpentine grooves designed to evacuate water to enhance traction. Think of traction in a lateral feel,” he said. “Think of exit ramps, off-ramps, and on-ramps on highways. Those are slick, and you want to make certain you’re evacuating water to hold exact touch.”

The BFGoodrich Highway Control S steering and all-function tire are now in the United States and Canada through the organization’s network; Remec stated and replaced the ST 244 in numerous sizes. The new BFGoodrich Highway Control T trailer tire could be available in May and replace the BFGoodrich TR a hundred and forty-four. BFGoodrich said the tires are SmartWay-verified, meaning they comply with Environmental Protection Agency recommendations for brand new and retread low-rolling-resistance tires.

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