Curtiss Motorcycles Emerges from the Dark in Stunning Fashion

After months of quiet anticipation, America’s maximum modern luxury bike maker has emerged from the dark with wonderful updates to its center design and generation course, in addition to its brand identification and internet site. Perhaps the maximum striking indicator of the startup corporation’s development is the newly re-imagined Zeus version, which showcases an all-new skeletal area frame anchored to a completely unique powertrain architecture inspired by Glenn Curtiss’ legendary 1907 V8 bike — the gadget that set a international velocity file of 136 mph, which stood for over two decades and earned Mr. Curtiss the moniker, “The Fastest Man on Earth.”

Curtiss Designer Jordan Cornille defined the new electric powered “V8” powertrain announcing, “With the battery cells packaged interior 8 cylindrical towers configured in a flaring radial ‘V’ sample, we’re no longer handiest capable of tap into Glenn’s iconic V8 form language, but we’re also able to obtain most battery cooling efficiency. In this case, there exists no compromise between shape and feature.” Power from the ones 8 electron-crammed cylinders flows via a proprietary controller and motor bundle co-developed with British engineering firm YASA. While the Zeus Radial V8 powertrain is still being optimized, Curtiss estimates power output of 217HP and 147 lb-toes of immediate torque. Battery ability is projected to be sixteen. Eight kWh at 399V. When it enters manufacturing in 2020, the Curtiss Zeus Radial V8 bike will sell for $ seventy-five,000 USD and serve as the brand’s first access into the hyper-luxury bike space. Successive model releases will occupy greater accessible product categories.
The enterprise currently released an equity crowdfunding marketing campaign thru WeFunder to accelerate production of its innovative battery electric powered bikes. Curtiss CEO and Chairman Matt Chambers said, “We’re thankful for the one hundred fifty+ visionaries that have joined us so far as we lead the developing premium all-electric bike market.” The corporation said that its goal is to uplift to either NASDAQ or the imminent Long Term Stock Exchange (LTSE). The contemporary equity campaign closes on July 31, 2019. For more records,

To accompany the brand new design and generation improvements, Curtiss has released a new internet site and identity device constructed upon the primary principle of authenticity. The new emblem represents the 4 divisions of the agency: Zeus, Hades, Psyche, and Eros. These 4 divisions compete among every different internally, eternalizing Curtiss creative energy. This power consequences in an emblem that cannot be held in stasis as the 4 hot rod gods push and pull in their quest for design and income dominance.
Based in Leeds, Alabama, Curtiss Motorcycle Company is on an assignment to satisfactory express clients’ goals, desires, and aspirations.

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