How Enhanced Roadside Assistance Helps You on the Road

When you choose DriveSmart, you probably purchase your extended warranty, so you never have to pay for parts and repairs. Our policies make a handy secondary coverage for maintaining your vehicle after your manufacturer warranty expires. Most people know our regular maintenance packages inside and out. They purchase our warranty, so they never have to buy items like oil changes, brake pads, and cooling system maintenance.

Roadside Assistance

DriveSmart policy. Let’s say you take an awesome road trip that turns not so awesome when your vehicle breaks down. DriveSmart provides 24/7 roadside assistance for you. The tow truck will take you and your car to a nearby garage that accepts our warranty. DriveSmart keeps your road trip enjoyable and even covers your hotel if your vehicle needs to be held overnight or if you have to wait unexpectedly on a car part. So as long as you have traveled at least 100 miles from your home, DriveSmart will reimburse you for that extra night’s hotel plus meals. Talk about savings!

Rental Car Assistance

Your immediate roadside assistance includes more than just towing assistance, too. Our traveling concierge also provides fuel delivery service, battery jump starts, flat tire help, and lock-out assistance. If it goes wrong while you travel, we jump into the right the wrong. We want your road trips to remain fabulous.

What if you just can’t wait? Perhaps you must continue your trip immediately. We help you obtain the rental car, plus we reimburse you up to $30 a day for five days. We also provide car rental assistance if your vehicle can’t be repaired the day you bring it into the shop.

DriveSmart exists to make owning a vehicle easier and more enjoyable. The towing assistance, car rental assistance, roadside assistance, and trip interruption coverage comes with every plan and warranty we sell. Those aren’t extras you pay more to get. They’re staples of each of our plans.

While we have many individuals who use our service, think of DriveSmart when you plan for your business fleet. We can help you keep maintenance costs low without needing to hire full-time mechanics to service your fleet.


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