How to Make a Claim for the Mercedes-Benz Diesel Fraud

If you bought a Mercedes-Benz between 2008 and 2018, your vehicle was potentially sold to you as environmentally friendly. However, you may have also found out that it has potentially been equipped with defeat software and was recalled by the car manufacturer.

Mercedes-Benz Diesel Fraud

Over 750,000 vehicles in Europe were recalled by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority in 2018 because of this alleged cheat device. It detects whenever the vehicle is being tested for diesel emissions. Then, the device automatically switches on and conceals the correct amount of emission released for the vehicle to pass the test.

This, however, poses a threat to the environment as an average diesel car emits a harmful volume of around 800mg/km of nitric oxide. That is 10 times more than the limit of 80mg/km. Every year in the UK alone, 40,000 deaths are caused by exposure to polluted air.

The German car manufacturer has paid a total of €870 million in fines, and UK law firms seek compensation for the misled vehicle owners. If you are one of those affected, the best solution is to find one such law firm. The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading (CPUT) polices the implementation of just compensation for those owners with vehicles registered and purchased within the said period.

Find Your Litigator

Several law firms are looking to help UK Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners to pursue the lawsuit against the Group, acting on a “No Win, No Fee” Agreement. Potential claimants will not be charged by the firm if they do not win the case.

Does Your Vehicle Fit the Profile?

To be eligible for the claim, though, you will need to have been contacted by Mercedes-Benz for them to recall your vehicle or have an eligible vehicle with the correct type of engine. If they have not, but your instincts tell you your vehicle is affected, you may contact a diesel emission claim expert to find out if you are eligible to claim.

A list of models you and other vehicle owners can check to qualify your vehicle’s eligibility. It does not matter if your Mercedes-Benz is on finance, pre-owned, leased, or a company vehicle. As long as it is registered under your name and recalled, you can sign up for the Mercedes emissions claim.

Registering Your Vehicle

Likewise, there is an online vehicle registration checker from diesel emission experts,, that you can use. If you own two affected Mercedes-Benz vehicles, your law firm should require you to fill a registration form for each vehicle. And in case you have sold your vehicle or have disposed of it, you will need to provide your vehicle identification number and purchase documents.

There are also UK law firms that operate in Scotland. UK law firms only accept vehicles that were purchased in England and Wales. If you bought yours from Scotland, you might want to contact the Law Society of Scotland as they can provide you with a lawyer that can better handle your claims in Scottish Courts.

After registering with your preferred law firm, you will be guided by your lawyer through the whole process, from completing the questionnaire about your vehicle to the court proceedings. In addition, the firm should regularly provide you with updates on pertinent information regarding your case.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

There is currently no definitive guidance on how much you might be able to receive for a Mercedes diesel emission claim. However, some firms claim you could receive up to £10,000 per vehicle, which falls into the line of Volkswagen compensation given to US and German residents for their VW vehicle after the dieselgate scandal.

If your case loses and you have taken the case on a No Win, No Fee basis, the law firm will not charge you anything.

There is also the option to utilize your legal expenses insurance, which may come with your home insurance package as an add-on. It may be cheaper in terms of charges, but coverage might not be as sizeable as what you can get from your law firm when your case wins. Also, other law firms do not work with legal expenses funding. Therefore, you will need to carefully choose a law firm that does.

When Will I Get Paid?

The timeframe for receiving your emission compensation claim can be unpredictable. It could take years or just a few months. This will all depend on Mercedes’ course of action. There may be instances where they may offer one a settlement of the claim, which could shorten the waiting time for your just compensation. Or they may push for court proceedings, which could take years to transpire.

Claiming for the Mercedes-Benz diesel emission scandal can be a tedious process. However, with a firm or organization that walks you through the whole process, guides you along the way, and ensures that your case gets a nod, you will be justly compensated for the damages that Mercedes has caused you and the environment.

Get in touch with diesel emission experts and start the claims process by working with They have the experience and expertise you need for a successful emission claim.

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