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Indian made $500 EV retrofit kit could be a game-changer

India is a pool of young talents, with nearly one million students graduating with engineering degrees yearly. According to a study, only 3% of engineering graduates high paying tech jobs in India. Some find the right platform to implement their ideas as soon as they graduate; some still struggle to find the right place, while very few create their own platform to implement their ideas and develop fantastic inventions.

EV retrofit kit c

The soaring petrol price and emission of greenhouse gases have made familiar Indians think about shifting an alternative to a petrol vehicle. Electric vehicles are the best alternatives to petrol vehicles as they do not emit harmful gases and operate silently. In India, people have just started realizing the importance of electric vehicles. In a couple of years, the Government has already passed bills supporting the Electric Vehicle industry to support its growth. Two-wheelers have the highest share in vehicle count in India. Electric scooters are the best alternative to petrol scooters.

Although electric scooters and cars have been successfully launched commercially, many limitations make the common man think twice before burying them. The high price tag and limited distance range per charge are the main constraints prohibiting familiar Indians from buying new electric scooters. To buy a new electric scooter, one must shower about 1.6 times the money required for a new petrol scooter. Also, there are few charging stations available in the cities for charging EV vehicles.

The Bengaluru-based startup Starya Mobility has a solution to this problem. Starla’s Engineers have developed an innovative idea of petrol to the electric scooter conversion kit. Starya Mobility aims to make electric vehicle technology more accessible for the average family. Most people and entrepreneurs believe this will be a game-changer in the EV industry by making electric scooters affordable to moderate-income families.

The Engineers of Starya have engineered a 5.5KW patented PMSM Motor & Controller that will replace the internal combustion engine. The electric propulsion kit and a powerful Li-ion battery will convert your petrol scooter into an electric scooter. The electric propulsion kit named EPK 1.0 has a rating top speed of 75 kmph. The price for the equipment is ₹35,000/- which is less than $500.

This petrol to electric converted retrofit scooter is ideal for short-distance travel and the first choice for commuters, delivery executives, parcel carriers, milkmen, suppliers, etc. The electric propulsion kit will reduce the scooter’s gross weight, cut emissions and operate with negligible noise. These can be achieved at one-third the price of a brand new one.

Starya Mobility claims that this retrofit electric scooter has a yearly running cost 20 times lower than the running cost of a petrol scooter.

Apart from making electric technology accessible to the common man, Starya Mobility aims to contribute to PM Modi’s “Atmanirbhar Bharat” vision by bringing change with indigenous ideas and innovations.

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