Lightning Lights Up The Electric Motorcycle Market

Electric bike maker Lightning is joining the likes of Zero, Harley-Davidson, and startup Fuell by way of saying a brand new motorbike: the lengthy-awaited (and extra less expensive) Lightning Strike, a excessive-performance, lower-cost follow-up to their number one supplying, the $38,888 LS-218, which debuted in 2014 (and is still to be had).

Lightning is one of the smaller electric motorbike makers and has a sharp consciousness of overall performance. In 2013, a lightly changed LS-218 gained the general motorbike division on the Pikes Peak Hillclimb, granting credibility to Lightning’s layout and strength management systems. The second vicinity bike, powered by a gasoline engine, crossed the end line a full 20 seconds behind the LS-218, a large margin of victory for Lightning. Most major motorcycle makers, including iconic overall performance marques like Ducati, participate inside the race each yr.

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Lightning also took their motorcycle to the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2011 and set an electric motorbike land velocity file with a mixture bypass of 218 miles an hour. Now, the business enterprise is promising magnificence-main performance and variety with their new bike, the Lightning Strike, to be available in 3 trim levels starting at a tick beneath $thirteen 000 and options as much as $20,000.

The specifications are indeed staggering. Even the bottom Strike Standard configuration will make 90 horsepower and a massive 180 foot-pounds of torque, allowing the bike to hit a claimed one hundred thirty-five miles an hour. An onboard three.3 kWh charger juices a 10kWh battery and all informed, the Standard guidelines the scales at 455 pounds, which is ready average for an electric motorcycle at this stage of overall performance. Faster charging alternatives, such as a $1,500 6.6kWh upgrade, will further pace recharges. The base setup has to reap 70 miles of variety at toll road speeds and about a hundred miles rolling round in the city.

Above the Standard model, the Strike Midrange option will increase strength garage 33% to 15kWh for 105 miles of motorway driving or one hundred fifty miles inside the metropolis. Power output stays the same as the Standard, but weight climbs by 10 pounds while the fee rises to $16,988.

The best Strike Carbon Edition, simply greenbacks brief of $20,000, serves up all the goodies, including a 30hp electricity bump to 120 ponies while torque remains at a hundred and eighty. The battery grows to 20kWh, but a Level III charger is also covered to speed up the waft of electrons. Weight rises to 485 kilos while variety stretches to a hundred and fifty motorway miles and two hundred in the city. The top pace is spec’d at a blistering 150 miles an hour, far above the Zero SR/F’s 124mph restrict.

The Carbon Edition also enhancements the bodywork to carbon fiber, provides upgraded Brembo brakes and quite desirable Öhlins suspenders. It includes every option Lightning offers. The Lightning Strike bikes are virtually extra game-orientated than services from Zero and Harley-Davidson, whose bikes are each sit-down-up styled and unfaired. Instead, the Lightning Strike is fully faired like a conventional race-duplicate recreation motorcycle. Lightning claims cut down on wind resistance with the aid of 30 percent over their unfaired opponents. Lightning also uses a liquid-cooled motor even as primary competitor Zero has caught with the air-cooled era for the sake of simplicity, in keeping with an interview Forbes carried out with the Zero CEO.

Indeed, it looks like Lightning has their points of interest set on market chief Zero, who just introduced their newest device, the SR/F. While there are technical and stylistic variations between the Strike and SR/F, they’re relatively nicely matched on capabilities and overall performance, as a minimum at the top tier services, both of which ring in proper near the $20,000 mark.

The Lightning may have the edge in performance; however, it could be the much less sensible of the two machines with its clear sporting stance. The Zero SR/F’s “streetfighter” configuration lends itself to comfort (and an extra-urban task) with a more upright riding posture. An incorporated cubby in which the gasoline tank typically resides adds comfort and USB connections for the latest digital riders. It remains to be seen what the very last details at the Strike will encompass as a long way as rider consolation and conveniences. Still, the motorcycle is merely located to appeal to the riders looking for remaining performance and coping with their dollar.

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