N’Golo paid for his Mini Cooper S by playing 10 minutes in the Field

With High wages come great cars. It’s no secret how well Premier League footballers are paid, and this is often most evident when you see the vehicles they’re driving.

The likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Heung-min Son own the hugely expensive Ferrari LaFerrari, while Roberto Firmino and Dele Alli drive Rolls Royce Phantoms.

But one footballer who bucks the trend of driving a flashy automobile is N’Golo Kante.

Mini Cooper S

The humble Chelsea midfielder, who is known to be one of football’s nice guys, instead drives a vehicle more familiar to us mere mortals – a Mini Cooper S.

It will come as no surprise that Kante earns enough money to afford his car in the shortest amount of time out of any current Premier League player, according to

Kante needs just 10 minutes and 15 seconds on the football pitch to pay back the dosh he needed for the motor.

Fixter analyzed the top players from this season based on their annual salary and position they play to compile a list of 200 footballers from all 20 teams, investigating every possible lead and source to determine which cars each player owns, including media clippings, the players’ own social media accounts, and fan websites.

The data on the car price and each player’s annual salary is then utilized to calculate how many minutes they must be on the pitch to afford their car and the number of games this correlates to.

Below you can see the Premier League players with the most expensive cars

Top 10 PL players with the most expensive car

1. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – Ferrari

2. Heung-min Son – Ferrari

3. Paul Pogba – McLaren

4. Roberto Firmino – Rolls Royce

5. Dele Alli – Rolls Royce

6. Michy Batshuayi – Rolls Royce

7. Mesut Ozil – Lamborghini

8. Sergio Aguero – Lamborghini

9. Mohamed Salah – Lamborghini

10. Nicolas Pepe – Lamborghini

So it’s Arsenal and Tottenham forwards Aubameyang and Son who lead the way with a Ferrari LaFerrari model, which will set you back a whopping £1,150,000.

Wantaway Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is third with a McLaren P1.

Son’s Spurs teammate Alli and Liverpool forward Firmino are just behind with Rolls Royce Phantoms.

Michy Batshuayi is something of a surprise in these charts in the sixth, considering he’s a bit-part player at Chelsea.

And bringing up the rear, we have Mesut Ozil, Sergio Aguero, Mohamed Salah, and Nicolas Pepe, who all own Lamborghinis.

Now let’s take a look at the table that reveals which players need the shortest playing time to afford their car

Top 10 PL players with shortest playing time to afford a car

1. N’Golo Kante – Mini Cooper

2. Tanguy N’dombele – Volkswagen

3. David de Gea – Aston Martin

4. Angelo Ogbonna – Fiat

5. Joao Moutinho – Jaguar

6. Bernard – Porsche

7. Jan Vertonghen – Ford

8. Kevin De Bruyne – Mercedes

9. Andre Gomes – Audi

10. Michail Antonio – Mercedes

Kante is the player on the pitch for the shortest time before the cash he paid for his Mini Cooper S is earned again.

Behind him is Spurs midfielder Tanguy N’Dombele, who owns a Volkswagen Touareg.

David de Gea in third is a surprise considering he owns an Aston Martin, which wouldn’t be cheap, but perhaps this demonstrates how highly the goalkeeper is paid at Manchester United.

West Ham defender Angelo Ogbonna drives a Fiat, while Spurs defender Jan Vertonghen owns a Ford.

And maybe by the time you’ve finished reading this, Kante will decide to buy a brand new Mini…

With brilliant wages come brilliant cars.

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