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Used Car Trim Level, Options, and Equipment Packages

When selling your used car, a professional appraisal is a massive benefit. This is simply because – with a used car for more than new – many factors will influence the price the vehicle is ultimately sold for. Also significant are the car’s trim level, options, and equipment packages. Far beyond the general condition, age, and mileage, it is necessary to be far more specific when it comes to the state, the market needs to be considered (your car could fetch different prices in different places), and there is also the question of renovation and whether this will be worth the time and money to complete.

Car Trim

To arrive at a reasonable selling price for your used vehicle, make and model are the first things to check – simply because they are apparent. This is the easiest part of any appraisal, but it isn’t enough. In fact, this last variable can be significant – and possibly a little complicated. For sure, a car’s make and model will go a long way to determining the price of the vehicle. But not all vehicles of the same make and model are identical, simply because of all the extras and additional features manufacturers and dealers typically offer.

Consider Used Dealerships

Generally speaking, only used car dealerships can offer an appraisal that goes into the necessary amount of detail. And it isn’t just that professional car appraisers can identify all the additional factors an amateur might miss, but also that working through a dealership affords them access to the market data that identify the best location and market to sell your car in. They can also carry out cost-effective restorations.

If appraising things like the trim level sounds a little beyond your expertise, then you can scarcely do better than a company such as CarFastCash, a well-connected dealership with outlets across Southern California, including Los Angeles County, San Diego, and Orange County. With first-rate restoration resources, access to detailed market data, and connections to outlets across the country, this is the way to sell your car for the best price.

What is Trim Level?

So how can trim level affect the price of a car? In truth, it can affect it a great deal. The trim level means the difference between a car with a 4-cylinder and one with a V6 engine, leather upholstery or not, a sunroof or not, and so on. Essentially, a car’s trim level is equipped at the factory when it was first manufactured.

Trim level is not only the big thing that needs to be installed at the point of manufacture. It can also account for more minor features that are installed as upgrades. Such items include heated seats and dimming mirrors.

Dealer-installed Options and Packages

As well as the big things that are installed either by the manufacturer or as port-installed options (installed at the port at which the car enters the country), a vehicle can also be outfitted with additional touches at the dealership itself. It is important to note that such features – which include window tints, wheel locks, and anti-theft systems – are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If you are selling a car with a valid contract to be transferred to the new owner, it is vital to clarify that these features are not included in this.

As you can probably tell, a car is much more than its make, model, mileage, and condition. To sell a vehicle successfully, it is essential to take all the extra features into consideration.

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